Mares Nautical Magazine, en los Premios BOB 2017

El Best of Boats Award es el premio internacional centrado en el punto de vista del usuario, con categorías como barcos para familias, principiantes, pesca, diversión y viaje.

16 miembros del jurado, independientes y pertenecientes a revistas náuticas de 14 países europeos, representan todas las regiones y los mercados de los deportes acuáticos sustanciales.

Mares Nautical Magazine es el Socio exclusivo del jurado del Best of Boats Awards de España.

Los Miembros del Jurado Internacional son:

Jury 2017

The Best of Boats Award was launched in 2014 by boat journalists from many countries and different editorial offices. All were united by two things: Their very large experience as boat testers and a particular interest in the practical needs of boaters. These professional boat journalists from all over Europe are currently members of the jury.

Alfred J. Boer
The Netherlands

Testing for BeNeLux mags, the former commercial pilot is based near Amsterdam, currently Turkey.,

Anna Sandgren

As Editor of leading Swedish boat magazine Båtnytt, Stockholm based Anna drives her kids to school by boat.

Anton Cherkasov

Editor in chief of the Russian edition of Motorboat & Yachting, based in St. Petersburg.

Arek Rejs

Correspondent for Wiatr and int’l boat magazines, almost always on the water, if not in the air.

Bogdan Parfeniuk

Editor in chief of the leading ukrainian boat magazine, based in Kiev.

Dominique Salandre

Guiding the print and online magazine as editor in chief, Dominique is based in Paris and the USA.

Enrique Curt Iborra

Owner and editor in chief of new Mares magazine, boating media entrepreneur, based in Barcelona.

Gerasimos Gerolimatos

Founder and head of print + app + web magazine Skipper On Deck, based in Athens.

Jan Sjölund

Editor in chief of Venemestari, the leading finnish boat magazine, based in Helsinki.

Julijan Visnjevec

Owner and editor in chief of Slovenias leading boat magazine, based in Ljubljana.

Kerstin Zillmer

Founder of float, Germany’s new online-only boating mag, together with her longtime crew.

Maurizio Zacchetti

Powerboat editor of the italian boating mag’s market leader Vela e motore, he is based in Milan.

Neale Byart
United Kingdom

As editor in chief of UK’s premier digital motorboat magazine, the long-time boat pro is based in Rayleigh.

Stanislaw Iwinski

Head of powerboat dep’t at Zagle magazine, based in Warsaw, sport sailor since 50+ years.

Tahsin Özen

Editor in chief and long time contributor of Austria’s classic Ocean7, Tahsin is based in Vienna.

Uwe G. Meiling

Chief motorboat tester of float, Uwe is driving everything from 18-70 feet. Based in Hamburg.