IMNASA Group, key Spanish partner of Besenzoni.

Continuous update and training for the service & assistance network. The Besenzoni Service University stops in Girona – Spain, for the training of the IMNASA Group, key Spanish partner of Besenzoni.

Besenzoni firmly believe in the importance of training and continuous updating. Within the consolidated “Besenzoni Service University program” – project, which sees Gino Chiodini as main responsible, the Customer Service central office periodically organizes informative meetings, dedicated to the whole assistance network, with the main goal to update members on the newest installation techniques, management and maintenance of Besenzoni products.

Given the large number of participants and the specificity of the topics, sometimes the courses are held directly at the headquarters of the company business partners. This is what happened few weeks ago in Girona, where Besenzoni has just held the training for the technicians of the IMNASA group, precious collaborator and dealer in Spain.

IMNASA, always committed to train its team, has invited Gino Chiodini and coordinated its large group of collaborators, investing time and energy to maintain the high standard of specialization that distinguishes them.


Each course includes a theoretical part (about forms, terms of warranty and technical characteristics of the components) and an intense practical session to train the network to promptly deal with any kind of problem.


The relationship that binds Besenzoni to the Service & Assistance Centers is certainly one of the strengths of the Sarnico Company: more than ever the goal is to ensure the customers satisfaction, providing an assistance service characterized by strong professionalism, always and anywhere.