-The Italian shipyard has launched The A105 hull #3and the A85 hull #16-The A85 hull#16which will be soon delivered to an Italian owner confirms how Italy’s domestic market is increasingly aware of the “green factors” that have always been distinguishing traits of the ARCADIA philosophy-

The A105 hull#3 will also be used for charters and has a four-cabin layout, with a fifth transformable cabin ARCADIA YACHTS is proud to announce the recent launches of no fewer than two yachts in the month of May, i.e. the A85hull#16and the A105hull #3. These deliveries confirm the Italian shipyard good performance on the market and its financial strength,which is further supported by the fact that a new A105 and a new A85 are already in the assembly shed.As a result of a very specific choice, the Italian shipyard always has an on-spec hull and deck ready for the assembly of every model, in addition to a “ready to sail”model of A85, SHERPA XL and SHERPA. This proves, on the one hand, that the shipyard is financially solid and confident about its product vision and, on the other, it reveals the practical nature of the shipyard, which allows future owners to benefit from much shorter delivery times while still enjoying considerable freedom to customise the yacht’s style.The A85 hull#16, delivered to an Italian owner, confirms how the Italian domestic market is increasingly interested incomfort, efficiency and care for the environment typical of ARCADIA, which have already proved very successful in international markets, from northern Europe to south America and the Far East.

ARCADIA A105, A WINNING YACHT There is great expectation for the ARCADIA A105 hull#3 that appears very different from hull#2 which was presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018 and that recently won the World Superyacht Awards in the “Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 30m to 32.9m” category. Among the reasons that led the judges to give the award was the close connection of the A105 with the sea and the great focus on eco-sustainability, shown by the presence of high-efficiency solar panels.

All these features can be found on hull#3, which unlike its predecessor will also be used for charters.It will sail for six months in the Mediterranean Sea and for six months among the Caribbean islands. For this reason the internal layout was reviewed, with four cabins and a small living room in the forward area, designed to transform into a suite with a sofa bed if needed. The shipyard, which has confirmed its ability to offer owners truly semi-custom yachts,has worked not only on the layout but also on fabrics and materialsVigorous and sunny colours are made alive and engaging by the white surrounding background. The final effect is to convey a feeling of freshness and light on board during the whole day.

ARCADIA’S GREEN FACTOR From the solar panels tha treduces up to eliminate the use of generator when at anchor to the large, thermally-insulated windows and the high-efficiency semi-displacement hull that allows to significantly reduce consumption, everything on board the ARCADIA yachts is designed for a unique experience at sea in direct contact with the surrounding environment. ARCADIA YACHTS is continuing to invest in research and development so that to continue using cutting-edge technology to create yachts that can perfectly balance sustainability, design, conviviality, safety and ease of use.Both yachts will be exhibited at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2019 (10-15 September), jointly with the new Sherpa XL, which will make its world debut at the French event.