Novedades Suzuki en DF100B y DF25A/30A

Following the recent launch of its brand new flagship outboard, the DF350A, Suzuki has today made more announcements of new products at the Genoa Boat Show.

Introducing the new lightest-in-class DF100B
Suzuki is known for manufacturing lightweight and compact four stroke outboards and the new DF100B is no different. Suzuki has focused on this important mid-range sector and successfully set out to create the lightest 100ps four stroke outboard available today.
At just 157kg, the new DF100B is 25kg lighter than the existing DF100A and 6kg lighter than the closest competitor model, making it the ideal power unit for a wide range of boats.
Suzuki has based the new DF100B on a proven design by using the same 1502cc engine unit as the DF70A/80A/90A models. However, it has added even more value to this new model by up-rating the ECM as well as adding a water detection fuel filter. The water detection fuel filter is designed to help protect the engine by alerting the driver when water is present in the fuel.
This new model will be available in ‘Pearl Nebular Black’ or ‘Cool White’ with a large 3D silver ‘S’ emblem to enhance its premium look.
The existing DF100A will still be available along with the new DF100B, so that customers have a choice of which 100ps model best suits their requirements.
DF25A and DF30A now available in ‘Cool White’
As a direct response to customer demand, Suzuki is now making its class-leading 25ps and 30ps units available in ‘Cool White’. So now customers have the choice of selecting ‘Pearl Nebular Black’ or ‘Cool White’ which will enable them pick the colour that best suits their boat.
Mr. Daisuke Kawatari, General Manager for Suzuki Motor Corporation European Marine Liaison Office, said, “Our innovative product development continues at a remarkable pace, in our drive to create the Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard in every market sector. We are proud to be able to bring yet more class-leading outboards to market and respond positively to customer demand. I am confident that these new models will be hugely popular right across Europe and will enhance Suzuki’s reputation for producing outstanding outboards.”
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Editor’s Notes
The engines used in Suzuki’s range of outboards have always been designed for marine use and all Suzuki four stroke outboards provide quiet, fuel-efficient technology without sacrificing power and performance. So from the lightweight, portable DF2.5 to the award winning power of the DF350AP, Suzuki has an outboard for every application.