EL SALÓN NÁUTICO INTERNACIONAL DE HELSINKI, pasa al formato online, en su edición de febrero 2021


Helsinki International Boat Show Vene 21 Båt is rescheduled to 2022. The decision was made because of the long preparation time needed for the event, its cost structure as well as because of the tightened regulations due to the prolonged pandemic. Next February, boats and everything related to boating will be available at the new Vene 21 Båt online event 12-21 February 2021.

The Helsinki International Boat Show, arranged at Messukeskus, is a large event that presents about 500 boats, boating supplies and equipment and services, as well as water sports and fishing. Bringing boats to the fair requires a lot of work and is costly for the companies. Now in November, companies should order boats and be entirely sure that the event can be arranged without restrictions in February. Uncertainty and tightened restrictions have contributed to the rescheduling of the boat show to the following year and now we are focusing on the new online event in February. Last time, Helsinki International Boat Show Vene 20 Båt had over 70 000 visitors.

“Now it is better to focus on Helsinki International Boat Show in 2022 and the online event in February 2021,” says Jarkko Pajusalo, CEO of Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat, commissioner of the boat show. “Finnboat’s Board of Directors and Messukeskus’ representatives discussed rescheduling the event. The decision was unanimous and certainly right. Now we can turn towards the online event and make it as commercial and rich in content as possible. We believe that loyal boat show visitors will find their way also to the online event.”

“We have done a lot of work in good cooperation with Messukeskus to ensure a fine and above all secure exhibition. We will use this knowledge when we prepare for the Helsinki International Boat Show Vene 22 Båt and make it an even better event than before. However, we will not abandon the friends of boating now. Next February you can acquaint yourself with boats and everything related to boating at the new Vene 21 Båt online event”, says Kim Koskinen, Chairman of the Board for the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat
Messukeskus has now during these exceptional times arranged several online events successfully. “Next February new boats, supplies and equipment will be available at the new Vene 21 Båt online event. Friends of boating are pampered, as the new event has an attractive presentation and content for every friend of boating,” says Messukeskus’ Juha Kuusla, responsible for the boat show. “We believe in the strength of online events now during this exceptional time. An online event provides important content, offers added value and enables visitors and companies to meet virtually. When we can meet face to face again, the net gives added value alongside physical meetings”.
Messukeskus is prepared to arrange events safely at Messukeskus Helsinki as soon as it is possible according to authorities. Large event areas, ventilation and special arrangements make it possible to arrange exhibitions also during exceptional times. Messukeskus follows authorities’ instructions and recommendations carefully and acts accordingly.

Vene 21 Båt online is arranged 12 – 21 February 2021 on www.venemessut.com. The largest boating event in Northern Europe Vene 22 Båt will be arranged 11– 20 February 2022 at Messukeskus Helsinki. Messukeskus organises the boat show commissioned by the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat ry. Last February 282 exhibitors participated in Vene 20 Båt fair and the exhibition area used was 27 819 m2.